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Lake Berryessa - Matteri/Lowe Win!

Chad Matteri and Don Lowe win with 17.80lbs. and BF 6.79 lbs. In 2nd was Jimbo McIssac and Nick Carl with 16.44lbs. Coming in 3rd was Rodney O'Dell and Steve Skanderson with 12.97lbs. Next in 4th was Jason Ainsworth and Jake Hughes with 10.79lbs. Finally, in 5th was Ernie Nyiri and Bob Mador with 10.27lbs. Craig Stewart had 2nd BF with 4.82lbs.

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Clear Lake - Derrick/Mador Win!

Ron Derrick and Bob Mador win with 9.08lbs. In 2nd was Jason Ainsworth and Jeff Franklin with 8.89lbs. and BF 5.05lbs. Coming in 3rd was Chad Matteri and Don Lowe with 6.12lbs. Next in 4th was Jim Cottom and John Mahony with 5.89lbs. Finally, in 5th was Craig Stewart and Lynne Marquez with 5.80lbs. Paul Zavala and Carla Lemmon had 2nd BF with 4.98lbs.

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